Conducting research into European Union law is a key objective of ELMAA and is achieved through the initiatives of its members.

Research objectives and means of achievement

Promoting the study of European Union law and contributing to the public debate on the legal, political, economic and social issues of the European Union.

Carrying out research, studies, opinions, works and all kinds of electronic or printed publications relating to European Union law and ELMAA’s activities.

Establishing committees and working groups for the study and analysis of any issue related to ELMAA’s activities and purpose, as well as groups representing the Association in relevant scientific committees and groups in Greece and abroad.

Contributing to the activities of the Postgraduate Programme in European Union Law of the Department of International Studies of the Athens School of Law for the enhancement of its teaching and research work.

Cooperating with European institutions, Greek and foreign academic institutions, and other associations of graduates of postgraduate programmes related to European Union law for the development of actions within the framework of ELMAA’s purpose.

Undertaking scientific research and projects within the framework of programmes funded by the Greek State and the European Union.

Previous researches of our Association

– ‘Promotion of knowledge on the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union in Greece‘. Speech given by our President Alexandros Politis at conference organised by the Greek Ministry of Justice on 20.10.2021 with the theme “The application of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union by the Member States – A useful legal tool for the protection of citisens’ rights” in the framework of the Conference on the Future of Europe.