The identity of ELMAA

The reasons leading to the foundation of the association, the goals set by its members and the supporters in its beginning. 


The European Law Master’s Alumni Association of the Law School of Athens (ELMAA) was founded in 2016 by graduates of the Master’s Programme in European Law of the Athens Law School and by graduates of the Athens Law School, who have contributed to the promotion of the study of EU law in the context of the activities of the School’s International Studies Department.

The foundation of the association was the idea of graduates of the Master’s programme and the Emeritus Professor in European Union Law of the Law School of Athens, Vassilios Christianos. The initiative was supported by all the Professors of European Law of the Department, namely the (back then) Assistant Professor Rebecca-Emmanouella Papadopoulou, Assistant Professor Metaxia Kouskouna and Assistant Professor Manolis Perakis. Following this, 80 graduates, realizing the importance of European Law and the significance of their Master’s Degree, attended the founding General Assembly of the Association and proceeded to establish the first Alumni Association of the Law School of Athens.

It is also worth noting that the establishment of the association in 2016 marks the need to highlight the great successes of the Department in the international moot court competitons of EU law, in which the Department started participating in 2014. Despite the relatively recent participation of the Department in such international academic competitions, groups of students under the supervision of the aforementioned professors were awarded both individually and collectively for their participation in the Europa Moot Court competition which was held among 8 European universities in Kavala. In addition, in 2016, a student team took part for the first time in the largest moot court competition in EU law, the European Law Moot Court (ELMC), and was disnguisehd by achieving the third place among about 100 universities. Since then, the Department has continuously participated and excelled in these competitions.

ELMAA’s main objective is to create an active European Law community in Greece with an international reputation. At the same time, it seeks to develop and maintain links of cooperation among its members, to collaborate with international universities and to promote the study of European law in Greece.

In order to achieve its objectives, ELMAA aims mainly at organizing academic and educational activities, conducting research and scientific presentations and offering services to the Master’s programme in European Union Law for the enhancement of its teaching and research activities.

The logo of the association

At the founding General Assembly of ELMAA, the members stressed the need to highlight the research nature of this initiative. For this reason, the word “Research” was added to the official name of the association. ELMMA’s symbol was chosen precisely to highlight this genuine identity of ELMAA, namely the research and study of European Union law.

The participants of the Summer School in European Law 2018 in Corfu Island together with the Summer School’s professors Judge at the General Court of the European Union Savvas Papasavvas and Emeritus Professor of the Law School of Athens Vassilios Christianos outside the Ionian University.

Workshop on July 7, 2016 at the Athens Bar Association on “The UK’s exit from the European Union: legal issues” a few days after the Brexit referendum of 23 June 2016. Speakers being the former President of the Court of Justice of the European Union, Mr. Vasilios Skouris, and Law School of Athens’ Emeritus Professor Vasilios Christianos and Assistant Professor Manolis Perakis.

The student team of the Law School of Athens at the Court of Justice of the European Union after its participation in the final round of the European Law Moot Court (ELMC) 2016 competition in Luxembourg. From left to right: ELMAA’s members Alexandros Politis, Chrissi Rautogianni, Maria Mourtzaki, Maria – Anna Kokkinaki, Konstantinos Manikas and Maria Kamvysi.