Declaration of new honorary members of ELMAA

ELMAA announced on Monday 24 July 2023 its new honorary members during the Opening Ceremony of the Summer School on European Union Law in Corfu Island.


Many Summer Schools have been the occasion for honoring those who have contributed to the success of our initiative. In that way, both the participants and the local society become aware of the effort being put behind every organisation and become part of our Association’s aspirations.

During the Opening Ceremony of our 5th Summer School on European Union Law on 24 July 2023 in Corfu Island we declared as new honorary members of our Association the Judge at General Court of the EU, Professor Roberto Mastroianni and the President of the Corfu Bar Association Ioannis Kontos.

We deeply thank Judge Mastroianni for our successful affiliation with the Capri School of European Procedural Law, which is organised under his direction and Mr Kontos for his invaluable support during our own Summer School in Corfu Island.